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Out of the Deep Rock by Marje Taska and Melissa Henderson, Limhamn, 2016

Height 7 meters, width 9 meters, stone, a gift from Fastighets AB Trianon to the inhabitants of Limhamn.
Photo: Melissa Henderson

Photo: Melissa Henderson

Photo: Melissa Henderson

by Marje Taska & Melissa Henderson

Limhamn is situated by the sea in southern Sweden. The lime quarry and the concrete factory are central to the city’s history. With this starting point the artists have created the public artwork Out of the Deep Rock, which represents a slice of a mountain with layers of rock exposed. Out of the Deep Rock both represents layers of rock and is made of stone. The mountain stands as a symbol for the layers of history which is the foundation of the Limhamn of today. The artwork is 7 meters high and 9 meters wide and is composed of 17 rows of 15 different kinds of stone (granite, limestone, travertine and quartzite), which together create a colourful abstract image. Ivy and clematis have been planted on the rooftop, so that a lush green wall of plants will frame either side of the art work.
Our history is part of us. It influences who we are and where we are going. The industries were a great part of the affluence we see today in Limhamn. Just like the layers of rock of a mountain are memories of a time before we existed, previous generations and their life works shape our ground of today. With the artwork Out of the Deep Rock we want to visualize this metaphor for layers of history in a contemporary Limhamn, where constant new layers connect with its past.

Out of the Deep Rock is a generous gift from the private company Fastighets AB Trianon to the inhabitants of Limhamn. The artwork was created by the artists in co-operation with the company OneStone AB, which have crafted the wall under the supervision of the artists.

The artists are two females of two different generations and backgrounds based in Malmö Sweden. Marje Taska, born in 1955, is Swedish/Estonian, and currently has a solo show at Võru Art Museum in Tallinn. Melissa Henderson, born in 1977, is Swedish/British. Her work Say It Out Loud! was exhibited at Malmö City Library during the summer of 2016.

Text by Melissa Henderson