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Mythological Landscape E2. Formation. - Aquarelle, gouache, ink, 70x50 cm

In the series titled Mythological Landscapes (Mütoloogilised maastikud, watercolour, gouache, ink), the artist uses sacral symbols and semiotic signs, along with the geometry that is meaningful to the system combined with measured colours. The central patterns simultaneously depict landscapes, animals, birds, fish or genital metaphors. The colouration and freely flowing figures recall the art of South Asia, while the coloured geometric images against the dark backgrounds are more reminiscent of East Asian art.

Together they comprise oriental pictures that communicate with the viewer at the level that may be impossible to express in words, but is definitely articulated by feelings. These pictures clearly declare
that, when viewed from the side, the irrational and the rational differ only in terms of the aesthetic pathway: whether undulating or straight as a ruler, the path to one’s goal in existence requires analysis
and composition.

Rebeka Põldsam (The catalogue of The 17th Tallinn Print Triennal ”Cloudbusters:Intensity vs. Intention”,

Mythological Landscapes