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Loo_oma_aed..., video and audio installation, Kumu Art Museum, Estonia, in collaboration with Ilmar Taska
Foto: Meeli Küttim

Foto: Meeli Küttim

Loo_oma_aed (oma elutuppa Lasnamäel)

Create_Your_Garden (in Your Living Room in Lasnamäe)

Filmmaker Ilmar Taska who left Estonia back in Soviet days and his sister Marje Taska, who came out of the Tõnis Vints school of artists, reconstruct a Lasnamäe flat, but do so in the triangular Kumu hall, where they deal with their dreams of the world in the medium of film projected on windows, the similarity of which to the garden of Eden is emphasised by the gardens shot in California. The video and spatial installation Create_Your_Garden (In Your Living Room in Lasnamäe) (2013) offers an alternative to the narratives of movement, resettlement, travel, and migration that have seen much treatment in the last decade and which stem from the creation of change context. A local contact with the global is presented from a viewpoint that offers no solutions. It is more like a palimpsestic place, a spatial narrative that spins around the gamut of there and back again travel topics. (…)
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