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"Baltic Gold", Galleri 21, Malmö

Foto: Tommy Lindholm

Baltic Gold

An exhibition of Estonian contemporary art within the 100th Anniversary of the Baltic Exhibition in Malmö. Galleri 21, Rådmansgatan 5, Malmö, 2014

During the Baltic Exhibition of 1914, Estonia was a province of the Russian Empire. It is different now: after a 20-year long independence between world wars, and 50 years of Soviet occupation, Estonia is again an independent Baltic state with a rich and interesting cultural life.

The exhibition begins with Raul Meel - a conceptualist classic of contemporary Estonia who has had great international success. The second part is divided between two installations by Marje Taska: X Kilo Gold and Aurum et Solium, where people of different nationalities and social groups participate. The third part of the exhibition shows an object by Jaanus Samma and a selection of Estonian video art (works of Dmitri Gerasimov, Kai Kaljo, Flo Kasearu, Eva Labotkin, Silja Saarepuu&Villu Plink, Ene-Liis Semper, Jaan Toomik).

Curators: Marje Taska and Eha Komissarov

Baltic Gold is presented in collaboration with Center for Contemporary Arts Estonia and The Embassy of Estonia in Sweden.

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